Jane Cabrera is best known as an Author and Illustrator of children's books.
She has written and illustrated 59 books which have been translated into more than 25 languages and won awards in the US and Europe. 

Many of her picture books are based on traditional nursery rhymes, which she has updated with her own modern and fun twist. These are published by Holiday House in the US. Her younger board books are popular with pre-schoolers and babies,  explained in this Book Riot review.

Jane studied graphic design at Art college in the mid 1980s and grew up just outside London. As a child she wanted to be an Artist and a Detective. Both require being very nosey. 

Jane came to writing and Illustrating children's books by first working as a graphic designer within children's book publishing. 
Her first book, Cat's Colours was published in 1997. It is still in print today. 

"Jane Cabrera is one of a number of new picture book illustrators who are breaking the mould in terms of style."  Books magazine

She lives on the edge of beautiful Dartmoor national park in south Devon, UK and has 2 grown up children. Her studio is in her home where she also has a Contemporary Art practice. And Jane creates large nature inspired Murals, window art, signs and the odd logo. 


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If you are Interested in writing or Illustrating a Children's book I suggest you buy The Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook. Full of useful info and contacts.


A selection below.

Listed as one of the Guardian Best new children's books Summer 2018

Rainbow and Opposites
School Zone ,“This is a lovely book for nursery settings to start children thinking about opposites and to encourage them to think of their own oppositional pairings.”

Juno Magazine, "I really like the style of this sturdy board book, which is full of surprises."

The Bookworm baby blog,
“Its definitely another lovely board book for little ones to explore.”

Books with Baby Blog, “Bright and bold, with sweet animal illustrations that make him smile.”

Lancashire evening post, “The exciting and pro-active format of these two shiny, stylish books, and Cabrera’s charming, painterly trademark illustrations, make them irresistible to babies and young children.”

There was an Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe 
Kirkus Review, "Welcome to a new Old Woman and her little ones, too.”
School Library Journal, “A charming reimagining of an originally more cynical nursery rhyme.” 

Rock-a-Bye-Baby Youth services book review,
"I liked everything about this book, especially the variety of animals in the book and the descriptive language that made up each rhyme."

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep  Kirkus review,
"Cabrera’s winning style—acrylics with bold, black outlines—is perfect for the preschool audience. Both lap listeners and the audience at story hour will be able to see every detail -Another winner from Cabrera."

The 12 Days of Christmas School Library Journal,
"Lots of appeal for young children."

Angels and Urchins, "a charming, heart warming book"

The book bag,"A sweet little story with adorable attractive for both little ones and their parents too."

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,
Kirkus Review, "A nursery charmer."
Booklist, "Charming."

The Wheels on the Bus School library Journal,
"A surefire winner...Not to be missed"

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Booklist, 
"A fine addition"

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Kirkus Review,
"Sure to be successful"

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Booklist,

Cat's Colours  Books Magazine,
"Jane Cabrera is one of a number of new picture book illustrators who are breaking the mould in terms of style." 
Publishers Weekly,"...her style exudes the joy of creation..."
Vivian French for The Guardian, "...Colours that Zing, my favourite 3 year old (who has great taste) sleeps with it under his pillow."

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud  BBC Parenting Parenting magazine,
"A Charming Picture book."

Cat's Cuddles The School Librarian Magazine,
"The language is as alive as the pictures."

Snappy Teeth, Twitchy Nose, Floppy Ears, Bright Eyes Junior Magazine,
"Delightfully bold illustrations and a surprise ending provide added entertainment."

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, Kirkus Review,
"A simple Joyous romp."

Old Mother Hubbard 
Publishers weekly"Cabrera's Illustrations always virtually bubble over with high spirits"
Kirkus review, "A real crowd-pleaser"

Many more reviews in Publishers Weekly here. And Kirkus Review here.


I often receive kind emails from parents and teachers especially from schools and libraries in the USA.
Here is one that touched my heart.
"Ms. Cabrera, People often put things out into the world and never know how it impacts others, so I wanted to take a moment and tell you the impact your book "Twinkle, Twinkle" has made in my classroom. I have a nonverbal autistic student who has been obsessed with your book since joining my class a little over a year ago. No matter where we put it, he finds it:) I have had to tape and staple it back together more times than I can count. We have used it as an incentive to get him to mand for things and to calm him down. He now has 12 words, one of which is Twinkle. The other day he was upset when I put the book away, so he stood up and started to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle little star,up above world so high". I cannot tell you the excitement, applause, and tears that filled my classroom at that moment. He sang it again yesterday and I was able to get it on video for his mother. Due to his classification I can not share the video with you, or I would, or tell you his name, but I can tell you that you have made a huge amazing positive impact on his life, and on mine. I cannot thank you enough! I just thought you should know the effect your book has had on our classroom. Wishing you the best! "


All are picture books written and illustrated by Jane Cabrera, first published in the UK, unless stated.
Many have also been printed into co-editions, so far into over 25 countries. And many have also been published as board book edition too. Jane's work is also in anthologies and other collective publications too. 

59. Love Our Earth, MacMillan Children's books, spring 2021
58. The Bear went over the mountain, Holiday House US, fall 2020
57. The Thank You Letter, Holiday House US, 2019
56. Numbers, Templar Publishing, 2018
55.Shapes, Templar Publishing,  2018
54. Opposites, Templar Publishing, 2017
53. Rainbow, Templar Publishing, 2017
52. Rock-a-Bye-Baby, Holiday House, US, 2017
51. Peel-a-boo You! Templar Publishing, 2016 
50. Peek-a-boo Zoo! Templar Publishing, 
49. Say Hello, Templar Publishing, 2016
48. Kiss Goodnight, Templar Publishing, 2016

47. There was an Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, Holiday House, US, 2016
46. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Holiday House, US, Fall 2015
45. Row, Row, Row, Your Boat, Holiday House, US, 2014
44. Baby Face, Hansol Education, Korea, Illustration only, Board Book, 2015
43. The 12 Days of Christmas, Holiday House, US, 2013
42.Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Gullane Children's Books, 2012
41. Hello Tiger! D-books, Korea 2012
40. What to wear Little Bear, D-books, Korea 2012
39. Fetch, Orchard Children's Books, 2011
38. The Wheels on the Bus, Gullane Children's Books, 2011,
37. Baby Loves...Chunjae education, Korea, Board Book, 2011
36. Mummy Cat? Chunjae education, Korea, Board Book, 2011
35. Here we ground the Mulberry Bush, Gullane Children's Books, 2010
32-34 Googlie Eyes, Board Books, Illustrations only x 3 Readers Digest Books, US 2010
31. 1,2 Buckle My shoe, Gullane Children's Books, 2009
30. Old Macdonald had a farm, Gullane Children's Books, 2008
29. Cat's Cuddles, Gullane Children's Books, 2007
28. Ten in the Bed, Gullane Children's Books, 2006
27. Buttercup's Baby Bird,
26. Fern's Holiday,
25. Acorn's Bonfire and
24. Willow's Christmas, all by Scholastic, 2006
23. Mummy Carry Me, Gullane Children's Books, 2004
22. The Creaky Noise, Simon and Schuster, 2004
21. The Pram Race, Simon and Schuster, 2004
20. Yellow Circle,
19. Blue Square,
18. Green Star and
17. Red Triangle, All Scholastic, Board Books, 2003
16. If You're Happy and You Know it, Gullane Children's Books, 2003
15. The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud, MacMillan Children's Books, 2002
14. Bear's Goodnight and
13. Monkey's Playtime, Board Books, Walker Books, 2002
12. Snappy Teeth,
11. Twitchy Nose,
10. Floopy Ears and
9. Bright Eyes, All Board Books, Cambell, 2001
8. Old Mother Hubbard, Gullane Children's Books, 2001
7. My Sister's Hair, Illustrated only Novelty Book, Children's Books, 2001
6. Eggday, written by Joyce Dunbar, Gullane Children's Books, 1999
5. Over in the Meadow, Gullane Children's Books, 1999
4. Rory and the Lion, DK, 1999
3. Panda Big and Panda Small, DK, 1998
2. Dog's Days, Heinemann, 1998
1. Cat's Colours, Heinemann, (Egmont) 1997.


For 5 years I illustrated for the Japanese Magazine 'Oshima'. I was the cover artist for 3 years and had a monthly character based story inside over 6 pages. (Clever Colin, a pink Rabbit who re-cycled) Merchandise was also produced, including sushi lunch boxes, bags, a mug, tea shirts and handkerchiefs.


Many of Jane's books are on library and school recommended reading lists in the USA.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Bank Street Best Children's Book of the year 2015 & Missouri Building Block Award nominee 2015
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Bank Street Best Children's Book of the year 2013

If You're Happy and You Know it  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Platinum 2006 & Nick Jr, Best Book Award 2006

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Gold 2010

Old Mother Hubbard Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Gold 2002

Over in the Meadow Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Platinum 2001

Cat's Colours Keike Boekprijis, the Netherlands, 2003, shortlisted & The English Association, best children's book, shortlisted, 2003.


I've attended most major UK literary festivals, including Hay, Edinburgh and Cheltenham. I bring my books to life by involving the young children as much as possible, through play, dressing up and making Art. At past events there has been, hiding mice, a naughty french dog who did a wee on the Mulberry Bush and a bubble machine Disco.

I've talked at schools across all age groups on the writing, Illustrating and design process and making of a Children's book.
Children can also get to Illustrate and design their own book covers.  I've run talks on 'How to write and Illustrate Children's books' for adults too, with a comprehensive worksheet.

I've also run Art workshops in schools. Including making a life size paper-mache cow, hundreds of brightly coloured flower garlands from old plastic bottles and giant splatter art and poetry pieces, which when they were all put together made a huge piece of Art on stage at Dartington Hall for a Poetry festival run by Alice Oswald. I also worked with Alice Oswald creatively decorating for the Tagore poetry festival at Sharpham house, Devon.




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